Data security and disaster protection is a major concern for any modern business, given that the average cost of a data breach being roughly AU $3.35 million per breach.  

Keeping your business data, information and intellectual property secure requires a range of different security software, procedures and protocols to create layers of protection. 

Monocera’s suite of CIO security services ensure your business is protected when the worst happens. However, a problem we encounter relatively often are issues around mismanagement of BitLocker.  

While BitLocker is an incredible protection tool, it does come with complications if it is incorrectly set up or managed. To give you a better understanding of BitLocker, let’s run through some basics.  

What it BitLocker? 

BitLocker, or BitLocker Drive Encryption, is a security feature that comes standard across all Windows 10 and above devices. 

 Essentially, BitLocker encrypts everything on a Windows computer’s drive. This mean every piece of data is protected if a device is stolen, lost or incorrectly decommissioned.  

Only users with the correct encryption key will be able decrypt the drive, and access the files and information stored on it.  

How does BitLocker work?

BitLocker uses a hardware element called Trusted Platform Module – or TPM. Through TPM, BitLocker creates a unique recovery key for your actual device — in other words, the physical computer.   

This is important because the data on a device that is lost or stolen becomes vulnerable to unauthorised access. Someone may try to access the data on your computer by running a software-attack tool, or by transferring the hard disk to a different computer.  

BitLocker helps prevent these breaches from happening by requiring the unique PIN — or a USB drive containing the startup key in a text file — to be provided.  

What can go wrong?

BitLocker provides a high level of security for your device, but can come with a host of complications if the recovery key is lost. This can happen if the person who originally set up BitLocker on the device or across your systems leaves the business, or the recovery key is not stored somewhere correctly.  

If your device goes offline for some reason, or your computer thinks it recognises suspicious activity, you may be required to enter your unique PIN to gain access to your device.  

If you no longer have access to this PIN, you can run into some serious complications. This may include having to: 

  • Sending a device technician from the relevant manufacturer to your office or workplace to decrypt the device. The technician may have to physically come on-site, this is generally time consuming and may incur a cost.  
  • In the worst cases, your device may have to be factory reset. If your files and information aren’t backed up in the cloud, this has obvious complications for your business. 

In short, losing access to your BitLocker PIN can result in a world of unnecessary headaches, reduced productivity, as well as lost information and reduced productivity. It is therefore essential your BitLocker and cloud storage are set up and managed correctly.

Why Monocera should manage your BitLocker  

Enlisting Monocera’s CIO services ensures your business data and information remains protected in the event of a lost, stolen or compromised device.  

We can assist your business by ensuring: 

  • BitLocker is set up correctly, with security keys stored safely and accessible when required.  
  • All data and information is securely backed up in cloud storage.  
  • Any new or replacement devices are set up and added to the system correctly. 

Monocera will consult with you and your business on how we can strengthen the security of your technology systems.  

Get in contact with us today to find out more.